Staking Rewards

Mushe World community members will be incentivized for staking and locking their $XMU tokens in the treasury, via staking events. Staked $XMU tokens locked by the members will be contributed to the liquidity pool and will create a strong market and better trading opportunities for the entire community.

Diverse Utility & Use Cases

$XMU token is not only an instrument empowering the global adoption of crypto, but it will also have utility across the products in the ecosystem, driving further value for the Mushe Token and the community involved.

Increasing Value

Only those projects and tokens accommodate increasing value over time that are addressing the specific problems on a low level with their creative initiative. Since the Mushe Token has sailed on a mission to empower the global adoption of the crypto & web 3.0 economy by creating a simplified platform that anybody can join, we intend to accelerate the blockchain-driven economy so that more and more people can become part of it and explore the true benefits of transacting in cryptocurrency among many other things.
With this creative initiative of onboarding more people to web 3.0 followed by a solid roadmap, we seek to establish the Mushe token as the go to utility token for the masses.