To empower the mass adoption of a crypto-driven economy, it is important to use a powerful underlying technology designed to facilitate faster and cheaper transactions. Mushe Token ($XMU) is currently operating on top of Ethereum, but the roadmap has mapped out the plans to extend to other chains including Solana and Stellar.

Why Stellar?

Suited for cross-border transactions that easily connect payment systems and people. Many large enterprise financial institutions, money-transfer companies, and fintech organizations are leveraging the top-notch characteristics of the Stellar network to deliver seamless payment solutions to their clients.
Examples of the top three popular projects built on top of Stellar include: MoneyGram, Flutterwave, and Circle. Mushe Token will join this league and empower the mass adoption of crypto payments.
Stellar as the underlying technology will help newcomers and experienced players, to become part of an ecosystem that is easy to navigate , followed by low transaction fees, higher TPS, and faster confirmation time.
Mushe Token is currently operating on top of Ethereum, but we understand a significant downside. The smart contracts on Ethereum can clog Ethereum’s network. The increasing number of programs running on the network is making this mainnet slow and expensive. For this reason, executing simple transactions over Ethereum is not the long-term solution for the Mushe Token.
However, this is where Stellar saves the day as it has been specifically designed to facilitate the execution of financial transactions in a low-cost and high-speed environment.
Stellar does not frustrate due to complex networks or frequent updates that generally make the network busy. The network is simple and lightweight, driven further to advance by its native features that prevent obstructing the primary purpose of Stellar- a universal and reliable exchange medium.
The points illustrated below explain why building on Stellar Blockchain is the smart choice:
❖ Decentralized and Open Source
❖ 3 to 5 Seconds Transaction Confirmation Time
❖ Supports Thousands of Transactions Per Second
❖ Enables Multi-Signatures and Smart Contracts
❖ 1% Fixed Annual Inflation
In addition to extending the scope of the Mushe Token to Stellar for seamless and easy payments, the token will also expand to Solana. Since the roadmap includes introducing the Play-to-Earn gaming and MusheVerse within the Mushe Token ecosystem, Solana has been selected due to its unbeatable speed, extremely low fees, and high throughput.
Some example characteristics to reflect how Solana will boost large scale adoption of the gaming arm of the Mushe Token are:
❖ Solana is the fastest network providing speeds up to 65000 TPS
❖ The transaction fee is as low as $0.00025 per transaction
❖ Cross-chain capability with Ethereum via wormhole
With Solana’s powerful ecosystem momentum and technical capabilities, the development team at Mushe Token will be able to build the next-generation gaming future. The speed of Solana makes it a perfect platform to build an extensive online multiplayer game. Fast speed coupled with cheaper transactions enables the execution of seamless transactions between players at a massive scale.
In addition to the features explained in the above illustration, Solana is easier to program and there is no hassle of Mempool status. Some of the most popular and leading metaverse projects are built on top of Solana including but not limited to- Star Atlas, Cryowar, Solice, Afflarium, Portals, Space Falcon, Nyan Heroes, Solmoon, and much more.
Unbeatable speed, cheaper transactions, and immense popularity, Solana provides an expansive and efficient development toolkit, which the team at Mushe Token will use to develop the metaverse.
Last modified 8mo ago