Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is considered one of the most effective initiatives to develop an ethical portfolio and attitude. With the ESG initiative, Mushe Token intends to maximize the project’s sustainability, long-term value and support of ESG globally.
For this purpose, 1% of the Mushe Token total supply will be allocated to a charitable wallet.
Funds will help to implement operations contributing to the preservation of the ecosystem, building equality in the society, and generating long-term value for community members.
Whilst not exclusively restricted to, some of the initiatives to which the funds will be channelled for promoting an ESG economy include
❖ Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
❖ Support of Ethical Behaviours within commerce
❖ Reduce Climate Risk
❖ Anti-Corruption Programs
❖ Promote Equality and Diversity
❖ Enhance Data Security
Furthermore, the charity wallet will be operating on top of Ethereum, making it easy for anyone to check the flow and direction of transactions routing through the wallet.