Mushe Wallet

An all-in-one decentralized application to buy, sell, swap, and store multiple cryptocurrencies in a secure environment. Everything you need in one application. Specifically designed to deliver security, flexibility, and simple navigation, allowing entrants and experienced users alike to utilize the service with confidence.
Some example features that will be available within the application:
❖ Buy crypto directly via debit or credit card
❖ Swap tokens with the help of $XMU liquidity
❖ Transact between fiat and crypto
❖ View trading charts of the different crypto markets
❖ $XMU staking and liquidity opportunities to earn yield on your crypto
❖ Earn rewards from participating in our ecosystem
We understand the majority of the decentralized applications are designed for experienced traders, often leaving less room for a newcomer to actually use the product. Our product development team has designed Mushe Wallet by scooping out the challenges that a typical new participant might experience.
Some example user challenges Mushe Wallet intends to eradicate include; complex processes while making fiat purchases, blocked payments while buying crypto, loss of funds if transferred to a wrong wallet address and complex formats of hash addresses. Through addressing some simple user experience pain points, the core objective to provide an easy-to-use platform will be achieved.
Mushe World will mitigate the crypto knowledge gap in the existing communities and make it easy for users to transact between crypto and fiat. In establishing partnerships with digital bank(s), it will drive to enable a seamless transition from fiat to crypto and vice-versa. The Mushe Token will play a crucial role in this banking model, enabling users to transact beyond geoeconomic, physical, and digital borders.

Mushe Chat

Mushe Chat is a communication platform utilizing encrypted architecture to provide users with a secure messaging environment. Mushe Chat, will provide users with complete control of their content and data while enabling free flow of data and information.
Some features of Mushe Chat consist of:
❖ P2P channel for sending messages, removing the scope of any third-party interception.
❖ Read messages without notifying the sender
❖ Configure file-sharing settings to switch the quality between low, medium, or high
❖ Send mega files, for example- a 20-minute long video
❖ Connect with other crypto enthusiasts in a data protected environment
Each messaging account will be connected to the user’s Mushe Wallet. This will allow anyone to directly send crypto to their added contacts in a few simple taps, motivating the individuals to use the messaging product and develop digital asset awareness.

Mushe Academy (Education on Digital Assets)

Mushe Academy is a blockchain literacy initiative to fuel the goal of empowering the global adoption of the crypto-driven economy.
Many surveys and statistics highlight that a significant portion of the general population is not aware of how crypto works followed by an incomplete understanding of the critical subjects like- digital currencies, crypto market structures, asset volatility, regulations, blockchain technology architecture, and many more.
This illiteracy is undoubtedly holding back the web 3.0 to reach the mainstream.
There is critical need for an open-source digital academy where anyone can learn about the variety of concepts belonging to web 3.0 to seamlessly immerse into the crypto economy with complete awareness.
Mushe Academy will be formulated with the objective to educate users of all types (beginners to experts) on a diverse range of web 3.0 related topics including but not limited to Blockchain Fundamentals, Metaverse, Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, Play-to-Earn NFT Games, DeFi, and more.
As the academy evolves, a Learn-to-Earn model will be introduced whereby users will be rewarded for learning the concepts taught through the academy. After completing every course, users will be presented with a quiz and rewarded a fixed amount in Mushe Tokens (XMU) upon successfully passing the quiz, testing their newly acquired knowledge.


Mushe World is building an interactive metaverse to enable users ability to communicate in a digital environment and participate in DeFi and GameFi services or events and leverage upon earning opportunities.
Some example opportunities consist of:
❖ Experience digital social interaction with friends and family members
❖ Buy land NFTs and erect buildings and structures on the land
❖ Organize or host social events such as concerts or music festivals
❖ Attend live meetings, events, and workrooms
❖ Peer-to-peer gaming and community competitions
❖ Dive into Play-to-Earn NFT games
A key principle that will be driven by the development team in delivering such environments will be to ensure smooth and easy onboarding of users into the metaverse branch and deliver a first-class experience while socializing, playing, and learning in MusheVerse.
The evolution of MusheVerse will lead to creation of opportunities for users, developers, and businesses to monetize their time and creative skills sets.

Mushe Card

Delivered to customers in both physical and digital form, the card will provide users ability to make payments and purchases both inside digital environments and outside through day-to-day purchases.
Card holders will have ability to hold and make FIAT purchases from their Mushe token holdings, via a backend process enabling immediate conversion of XMU into FIAT every time they make a purchase via their physical/digital card or phone.
The Mushe Card and application will provide users with ability to:
❖ Convert $XMU balances and make payments across a range of FIAT currencies
❖ Check account transaction history and download statements
❖ Customer support access and issue resolution
❖ Use the card in-store or online. Global acceptance.
❖ Complete secure account opening, onboarding and ongoing KYC process
❖ Lock or unlock your card anytime