The products in the Mushe token ecosystem will be easy to interact with. The UI/UX and development team understand the importance of simple yet intuitive design economics and specification while developing the product. Principles of the Mushe Token development team applied when undergoing the build and roll-out of products consist of:


The decentralized application design is beyond a template. It needs to be engineered with a customer-centric purpose so that the users can fully immerse themselves in the product's functionalities. The customer-centric approach involves using a consistent design language throughout the product so that adding new functionalities becomes easy without pressing cognitive stress on the target users.

Beyond Skills

The UI/UX and development team at Mushe Token believes that having the optimum design skills is simply not enough when designing a web 3.0-based application. It is equivalently important to focus on some other core factors, such as and not limited to:
❖ How Product Works
❖ Business Strategy
❖ Product Marketing Psychology
❖ Human Behavior

Finance Specialization

The in-house development and design team at Mushe Token holds specialization in building the decentralized applications with native token utility. They understand the special UX design methodology that should be implemented while designing a decentralized product that is easy to interact with. The in-house team has also practiced the following exclusive skills in their design approach:
❖ Commercial Business Analysis
❖ Financial UX Research
❖ Emerging Tech UX Strategy
❖ Financial UX Architecture

Personal Connection

The design and development team at Mushe Token believes that even though finance is a formal institution, it is important to build personal and emotional connections in the design process. The world economy is undergoing a change and people these days expect to have a human connection with the products they use.
Unlike other decentralized and financial products that are too formal, Mushe Token has taken the initiative to evoke positive reaction and sentiment when the users will use the products in the Mushe World ecosystem.
Traditional Approach
Mushe Token Approach