Our strategy is to deliver and leverage the advances in payment solutions technology to drive core revenue streams via trading and financial services solutions.
Enhanced user experience will be all encompassing through a simple, easy-to-use, and globally accessible mobile application, benefiting from low interchange fees and reward through the utilization of the Mushe token.
The seamless integration of platforms enables users to conduct their personal and business financial management with hassle-free, frictionless access to their total wallet of currencies.
Confidence in user money, data, and identity will be enhanced through robust KYC/KYB onboarding and anti-money-laundering infrastructure to ensure a sound understanding and communication flow between operation and user, minimizing user disruption in their accessing of funds.
Providing a sound infrastructure of confidence is a key driver for any user selection of financial services, a magnet to attract customers currently disgruntled by their current providers.


Interoperability is imperative to our end mission of adoption, this coincides with the decision to build upon the Stellar open network, a proven blockchain reputable for low transaction costs and financial inclusion for the under-banked population. Stellar’s network consists of financial institutions, money service providers, or Fintech companies that provide valuable on- and off-ramping services.
Mushe is Crypto-made simple. Our platform is straightforward and accessible for new users while providing a low-cost alternative for experienced traders looking to capitalize on the Stellar network.
Mushe’s XLM token provides liquidity both within and outside our ecosystem, through harnessing the power of Stellar’s open network and XLM ensuring low-cost transaction fees for our users. Our decentralized applications are designed with the same ideology of allowing users to capitalize on the most complex technologies in their own individual experiences.
The high-end quality of Solanas blockchain allows us to provide a level playing field.


Incentivising peer-to-peer interaction, trading of goods & positive change.
The versatility of the Mushe token enables us to not only reward the loyalty of our immediate consumers but also to compound demand through network interconnection and recognize ethical initiatives and behaviours.
Business users can complement marketing campaigns with Mushe token reward schemes to drive enhanced foot flow to the company. An added benefit of transacting between merchant and consumer in Mushe token also enables any international transactions to save fees, ordinarily imposed through Fx rates.
The pertinent focus of climate change is upon the world population, with differing nations perceiving and acting for change on a varying scale. We seek to utilize a proportion of the Mushe token for positive change, supporting ESG, mental health, and wellbeing initiatives.
Mental health and wellbeing are often impacted by the environment that surrounds us. Financial health is frequently missed when discussing the impact on mental health. In providing simple tools, knowledge, and financial services we aim to ease the impact of financial health challenges on people. To go beyond, we believe that incentivizing populations to embrace ethical, well-being actions and support climate change initiatives, strives for more harmonious and united populations around the world.
In our drive to a more harmonious global community, 1% of Mushe tokens have been allocated to charitable and ESG causes. The causes that will be supported will be decided by the Mushe community.